Is this Summit only about Remo or for Remo users?

Absolutely Not! This Summit is open to all - so bring all your friends, family, colleagues, cousins (even the distant ones), anyone you think might be interested in hosting or attending online events.

Are the presentations live?


Is this a free event?

Yes, access to the Live Summit is completely free! However, the recordings of the sessions will be sold separately*

*If you signed up before the early bird deadline, you will get free access to the recordings as well!

Are you still accepting speakers?

We're thrilled you're interested in The Power of Gathering Online! Unfortunately, though we do have a full lineup for this Summit, but... if you've got a topic in mind you'd like to speak about, let us know at, and we can reach out for another event!

Are you still accepting sponsors?

Definitely - if you'd like to be a sponsor for the Power of Online Gathering, reach out to us at

I still have questions!

Not a problem at all!

You can reach us anytime at