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Whether you're looking for peer-to-peer collaboration opportunities, or bringing members globally in one place, Remo empowers you to focus on what's more important – your members.

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Increase sponsorship revenue by 150%

Connect members to 5 new professionals in one hour

Reach a larger audience 10x faster

Deliver memorable events and experiences that your membership will love

Build and customize a unique, branded, premium virtual event space for your guests.

Build and foster an active and engaging community online through events and networking

Give users the flexibility to move freely from presentation to tables easily.

Offer an open lounge for your members to spontaneously connect with each other and participate in free-flowing conversations.

Create a better learning environment with interactive sessions and informal discussions.

Convene thought leaders around the world and deliver amazing presentation experiences

Bring in a panel of speakers for webinars or trainings to share industry news.

Allow people to meet industry leaders, brainstorm on projects and ideas, and expand their network.

Create workshops and trainings for continuing education that reduce onboarding by 50%.

Craft a hassle-free, seamless and thoroughly customizable virtual event

Set up and customize events in minutes—add logos, banners, and brand colors to the interiors at ease.

Offer dedicated booth spaces to your partners and sponsors for promotions and outreach.

From your flagship award nights to continuing education webinars, create amazing experiences for them all with customized floor plan templates.

Amplify reach and become a global community

Break the boundaries and deliver events for audiences around the world.

Reach more people by live streaming your sessions on YouTube.

Offer a collaborative lounge for global members and volunteers to connect and interact seamlessly.


"We wouldn’t have been able to grow our membership there [on Zoom]. We could have delivered on some calls and some events, but we wouldn’t have been able to grow. And that’s something we’ve definitely been able to do using Remo because we can get more people in the event, and we can just create fun environments."

How Network My Club grew its membership
with virtual events!
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"The amount of people who I have spoken to after hosting an event they’ve turned around and said to me, Lee, this is great because it feels like you are in a room. You’re not sitting in front of a screen of 70 people with one person droning on at you. And you just engage with the people you’re talking to."

A Chamber of Commerce conquering the game of virtual events
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