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Remo is a virtual events platform that gives guests the freedom network and to move from table-to-table freely.

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Meet an Average of 3 New People in One Hour

5x Number of Professional Relationships Created

Boost Overall Engagement
by 200%

Recreate human interaction through free-flowing table-to-table movement

Offer guests the freedom to move and join spontaneous conversations.

Quickly establish deeper connections, one-to-one or in a group setting.

Empower your guests to create their own unique experiences.

Encourage collaboration with built-in engagement tools

Interactive whiteboards for guests, sponsors, and speakers.

Up to 6 simultaneous screen shares.

Shuffle guests to mix up conversations

Conversation Mode

Create a branded online event experience

Configure customized floor plan designs to match your brand.

Craft your networking space with style by arranging table seating configurations from 2-16* people.

Take advantage of color, shape, and brand to create a truly unique virtual event experiences.

Trusted by over 5,000 companies who use Remo to host virtual networking

"Remo brings digital networking to life: The platform facilitates a virtual meet-and-greet experience hat closely emulates the in-person event. Guests get an up-close connection to each other with video chats, all without having to leave their homes."

Alex Abell
Founder & CEO, Lunchpool

"What we like about it and what our clients like about it is the ease of networking. It's the most like being in a ballroom where you can choose who you want to interact with."

Angela Cox
Senior Director of Meetings and Events, Northstar Travel Group

"We very quickly realised that while the content and speaker are important, guests come to events to meet like-minded people. Attendee-to-attendee experience is the most critical aspect of any event. Remo was really the only virtual event experience that simulates authentic relationship building."

Jan Küster
Director, Founders Fight Club

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